MKS Mascot Contest
마스코트 공모전

안녕하세요 맨해튼 한국학교 학부모님,

이번학기에 저희 학교에서 맨해튼 한국학교 마스코트를 위한 공모전을 하려고 합니다.  공모전에서 선택된 마스코트는 학교 티셔츠를위한 디자인으로 사용될 계획이며 또 학생들은 상품도 받게 됩니다. 아래에 있는 내용을 잘 읽어보시고 학생들이 작품을 완성하여 기한내에 제출할 수 있도록 많이 격려해 주세요.

Dear parents,

MKS is hosting a school’s mascot design contest! The winner’s mascot will be customized for school T shirt and the winner will get a prize and prize money.  Please read the following information carefully and encourage your child to participate and help them submit it before the due date.


맨해튼한국학교 마스코트 공모전(Manhattan Korean School Mascot Design Contest) 맨해튼한국학교의 정체성이 담긴 긍정적이고 친근한마스코트(캐릭터)를 디자인해주세요. Please design a mascot that has a positive and engaging character that showcases the school’s Korean-American identity and friendship between the two cultures.


공모 주안점 (Rules)

  • All entries must be original works of participants.
  • The entry should be accompanied by the concept of the mascot design (and name of the mascot)


응모양식 (Form of Entries)

  1. Black sharpie pen on 9”x 9” paper or 12”x12”
  2. Color with Gouache, watercolor, color pencil, marker, or mixed media


응모자격 (Eligibility)

MKS Students from Yellow ~ Maroon classes Individual or team (2 ~ 4) entries are allowed and no limit on the number of entries


응모일정 (Contest Submission)

Deadline for submission: 4 월 7 일 토요일 오후 1 시 (Saturday 1pm, April 7, 2018)

Award & Winners announced: 4월 14 일 ( April 14, 2018)

Entries must be submitted to your homeroom teacher or art teacher by deadline


시상 및 상금 대상:

1 명 상금 100 불 (Grand Prize: 1 winner $100)

금상: 1 명 상금 75 불 (Gold Prize: 1 winner $75)

은상: 1명 상금 50 불 (Silver Prize: 1 winners $50)

동상: 1명 상금 35불( Bronze Prize: 1 winner $ 35)

장려상: 참가자 상금 20 불 (Honorable participants: $20)


If you have any questions, please feel free to  contact me anytime.