MKS PTA 3-2-18

안녕하세요 AHN-NYEONG HA SE YO MKS Families!!

So great to see you last week (and if you were still on winter break, looking forward to seeing you this week!)
The New Year and semester brought us a new principal. We are very excited about the energy that Principal Shin will bring along with her leadership and welcome her again as Principal to MKS!

We also want to welcome 2 new PTA officers into our fold! Daniel Haffey and Jeong-A Kim have graciously offered to join our team for Fall 2018 and will be with us this semester to ease into their roles. Welcome Daniel and Jeong-A!!

A few short notes:
We need a class parent for every class. It’s not as daunting as it sounds, just a few e-mails here and there to pass along to your fellow parents. Please e-mail our Parent co-ordinator Lisa Lee if you are

Also a gentle reminder that PTA fees are due. Each semester we ask our MKS families to kindly pay for these fees to help pay for the weekly lunches, teacher bonus and other incurring expenses to show our gratitude to our amazing

teaching staff. We ask $65 for one child, $120 for 2 children and $150 for 3 and more children. A cheque can be made out to Manhattan Korean School PTA or cash-please find one of your PTA members: Yoon, Esther, Lisa Lee, Lisa Park, Martine, Dan Haffey or Jeong-A Kim.  Please note that this is separate from the regular MKS semester tuition.

In the next weeks we will update you with upcoming events and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any questions that you may have.

Thanks and see you Saturday!!!