MKS PTA 4-11-18


안녕하세요 AHN-NYEONG HA SE YO MKS Families!!

There are many exciting activities happening at MKS this week:

This Saturday April 14th ENGAGE IN CULTURAL FUN:

Open Class to all parents and friends between 9:45am-10:30 am in your child’s class. See what they have been working in hangul.

Join us afterwards in the cafeteria for Culture Day Activities.  Bring your aprons, kimbap roller, cutting board and knife and assist your child in making delicious kimbap (no need to pack a snack unless your child doesn’t like kimbap).

Crafts such as 재기차기 (Jaegi play) will be made and also writing in korean calligraphy on a paper fan.

*There will also be a fundraiser bake sale this Saturday and we need your help and baking skills(or shopping skills 🙂 Please bake or bring in bought baked goods to the cafeteria after drop off for the sale- all proceeds will go directly to the PTA fund, always benefiting and supporting our school and its many activities! This is a nut free school so please be mindful of it. 


Mascot drawings have been submitted by our talented  students and the winner(s) will be announced at the end of Culture day-who HOOOO!

Thanks for your support and we look forward to spending this fun filled Saturday with you!