MKS PTA 5-14-18

안녕하세요 AHN-NYEONG HA SE YO MKS Families!!

Dosiraks for Field day:

LAST CALL  fordosirak order will be this Wednesday 7pm. Please e-mail our parent coordinator Lisa Lee directly:
The following items will be offered:
제육볶음도시락/ Jeyookbokeumdosirak(spicy pork) $14
불고기도시락/ Bulgogi dosirak (beef) $14
야채김밥/Vegetable kimbap   $10
*all include a bottle of water



시간 (When) : 9:30 am ~ 1:00 pm, May 19, 2018
장소 (Location) : Central Park Great Hill Oval (Near Central Park West & 106th St.)
준비물 (What to bring): School Team T-Shirt, Mat, Lunch(if not purchasing dosirak), Snacks, Water, etc.
T-shirt allocation by class will be as follows:

  • White Team: ( 백팀, White-T-shirt): Pink, Red, Light Green 2, Green, Maroon (분홍,빨강,연두2,초록자주)
  • Blue Team (청팀, Blue T-Shirt): M&M,  Orange, Yellow, Light Green 1, Blue (마미앤미주황,노랑연두1.파랑)

Rainy Day Note: 운동회 당일 (5월13일)에 비가 올 경우 운동회는 학교 카페테리아에서 합니다. In case of rain, the Field Day will be held in the school cafeteria.

<운동회 장소 오시는 (Directions to the park) >
1. 전철로 오시는 분은 B, C를 타고 103rd Street에서 하차합니다. Central Park West와 103rd Street에 있는 공원 입구에서 공원 안쪽으로 약 7미터 가다가 왼쪽에 있는 계단 10여개를 올라간 후 그 길을 따라 200미터 가량 언덕 길을 오르면 동그란 경계선이 있는Great Hill 잔디가 보이고, 왼편으로 보이는 회색 지붕의 화장실 건너편 잔디밭으로 모입니다.
2. Central Park West와 106th Street에 있는 공원 입구로 오시는 분은 106th Street 남단에 위치한 계단 40여개를 올라가면 동그란 경계선이 있는Great Hill이 보입니다.  왼편으로 보이는회색 지붕의 화장실 건너편 잔디밭으로 모입니다.
1. Subways B or C line to the 103rd Street Stop. Exit toward the 103rd Street, enter the Central Park, and walk 200 meters uphill toward the round Great Hill border.
2. From the 106th Street entrance of the Central Park, walk up about 40 steps to the round
Great Hill border.
3. M10 bus line to the 103rd or 106th Street Stops. We will meet at the lawn, directly across from the public restroom which has grey roof.

We just got an amazing package from Korea through Esther’s sister(thanks!) of Korean goodies to sell to support our MKS PTA. Pokemon notebooks, pencil cases, pencils, smelly erasers, playdough and much more! There will also be sweet treats and juice boxes too. So please remember to bring your cash/credit card and BUY 🙂


See you Saturday and don’t forget to wear your team’s colors!