MKS PTA 6-14-18

안녕하세요 AHN-NYEONG HA SE YO MKS Families!!

Many thanks to all who participated in last week’s mochi making(and tasting-yum) session. I heard we had a nice turnout!

Last reminder: this Saturday is the last day of school.

-No need to pack snacks!
-Wear clothes as per teacher’s instruction for performance if needed.
-Parents please come to the auditorium for final performance at 10:30 am. School will end at 12 pm.
-Get the early bird discount and register your child for the fall semester!

On another note:

This will be my final year as President of the PTA:) For the past 5 years, I have enjoyed helping this amazing community and school of ours and happy to say leaving it in the hands of parents who continue to strive to make our children’s and your Korean school experience even better!  Thank you for your smiles, participation, donations and positive spirits. I hope you had a fantastic school year and we all look forward to Principal Shin’s leadership- she has already implemented many exciting ideas!

Lastly, many thanks to Principal Shin, our enthusiastic teachers, to your our families and lastly, my AMAZING PTA team!
Together we think. share. discuss. and collaborate. Couldn’t have done it without each and everyone of you.❤

Please welcome this fall your PTA: Esther Limb(President); Dan Haffey(VP), Jeong-A Kim(treasurer); Lisa Lee(parent coordinator) and Martine Ng(secretary)

Have a safe and fantastic summer- see you in the Fall!!
Don’t forget to register- my last plug!!

PTA Prez