PTA 9-26-18

안녕하세요 AHN-NYEONG HA SE YO MKS Families!!

Happy Chuseok!
We hope you were able to enjoy time with your family and friends to celebrate the harvest festival.

Kimchi Time with Principal Shin!

Forget coffee and donuts, in celebration of Fall and kimchi making season in Korea, Principal Shin invites all of you to join her in making some kimchi this Saturday.

Whether you have never made kimchi or you are an expert, this is a perfect opportunity to learn or show off your skills! Please join us in the cafeteria shortly after drop off.



There is no cost to participate, however if you are participating please bring the following equipment and your good cheer:

  • apron (unless you don’t mind getting kimchi juice/ingredients on you)
  • cutting board
  • knife (preferably a chef’s knife 6” or longer)

Everything else, including jars, will be provided by the school.




For those that have not yet paid PTA dues, please find one of your friendly PTA members or our Vice Principal Ah-Young and we will be happy to take your check or cash. Checks should be made out to Manhattan Korean School PTA and please write PTA dues and your child’s name and class in the memo section. Many of us will be making kimchi this weekend so you can find us in the cafeteria.
The dues amount is as follows: One child:$65 Two children:$120 Three or more children:$150.

As discussed during our meeting, our school relies on the incredible support of you, our MKS parent community. These funds provide teacher snacks and event expenses for our children throughout the semester. We are happy to share the finances with anyone who is interested so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Upcoming Events

Korean Parade

On October 6, the MKS will participate in the 39th Korean Parade in Manhattan. This is a great opportunity to show up and share Korean culture and traditions in NYC. This year, students in Orange class on up are invited to participate in the parade. The charter bus will leave school at 11:00 and take everyone to the parade point. Families that don’t want to participate can pick up their child at the regular closing time, which is 1:00p.m. The details will be emailed out to all parents soon.

Family Day
October 20 will be our open class and MKS Family Day. This is a PTA run event and a chance for everyone to participate and see what your child has been learning. We have a lot of exciting changes for this year so please join us in the FUN! More detailed info will be shared closer to the event.

See you Saturday!